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Sheryl Whtie

I have not used any of the Glitter I ordered YET !!!!! I am so in Love with what I received The Sparkle Dust is Amazing. I will definitely post a pic when I use the glitter. Thank you Sandy for all the Love and inspiration you share. YES !!! I Got This.....Hugs
Sheryl White from
Greenwood Indiana

Anita Greenwell

I haven't gotten glitter from Sandy that I did not love...every time I get a new one I fall in love all over again, and the pictures and videos don't do any of them justice

East-Coast-Tumbler Girl

i have been watching sandy chaos on youTube for quite sometime now and i love her work ,I love her kindness ,i am fairly new to the tumbler world maybe a year or so now ,but i don't make them everyday yet, I can relate to sandy, orders for cups can be very stressful & overwhelming lol i would love to make them for myself mostly But if they happen to love them and purchase them from me ,it would be great it is very time consuming . I love making then and i absolutely love glitters and tumblers and working with epoxy i also love crafting has well i so love your chanel i would love to get subscribed for your box cause your glitters look so amazing if they are has beautiful has the pictures i will be in wow when i get some from you i am going to try a box and will see from there i order mine from texas right now so i do believe your in Florida ? I been too before and i love that place hoping to go back in near future i was in Fort-Launder dale before my cruise for 3 days , much love can't wait to try your glitter you are amazing :) <3

Flying Kiki

I have been making tumblers 2 plus years I started watching Sandy on YouTube … I joined her patreon group and upped my creativity 10 fold !! When she started selling these beautiful glitters I couldn’t resist !! Absolutely stunning glitter !! Love u Sandy and Jeff !! Thank u for all you do!!

Raine G.

No one does a glitter mix like this crew. S.O.C.'s glitter and tutorials will up your game ten-fold.

Stephanie aka Steph's Stuff

Watching Sandy's Vlog's is my "wine" down Sunday evening ritual. Always enjoyable & motivating. I look forward to it every week. I hadn't tried her glitters but found myself in need of a white. I have been buying from a company that I really like. Decided to buy a small sample of SOC glitters to see what I thought. Got my Pinnacle & a couple of others today. Wow, love them already. Pinnacle is already on a cup & does not disappoint! Beautiful, holo shimmer! Two day turnaround from order to arrival from Florida to Oklahoma. Impressive!!! I think I found my new go to!!!

Little Deer Designs Co

I am beyond in love with SOC glitters! The products are amazing and ship super fast! Sandy and Jeff are both outstanding people and great to work with!! I'm telling you YOU WILL NOT REGRET ANYTHING YOU PURCHASE!


Don’t even now where to start! Love sandy’s glitters, the quality of her glitters are outstanding, her tutorials are amazing and she has such a beautiful soul . She is such and inspiration. Sandy and Jeff thank you for everything you do❤️

Cassandra Soares

I've watched alot of different videos from people but I admit Sandy's are the ones that makes me feel like I can create something great. Even if I mess up she makes you feel like not giving up and just keep going. I've ordered some glitters already and I can't wait to order more stuff from her.

Rachel Banks

I am a BIG FAN and supporter, her products are second to non, and her videos gives you that push you need to create art, Sandy and Jeff are AWESOME I can’t wait to order the new glitters

Georgia Q’s Creations

Yes I have loved SOC Glitters since I’ve started making crafts!!! I think I have almost every color and it shines amazingly through epoxy. If it wasn’t for Sandy G. I and Jeff G. I wouldn’t have ever placed my hands on a tumbler or gotten back into crafting. Love the glitters and the chaos crew!!!💞💞💞

Ally Chontos

I absolutely LOVE Sandys glitters. The colors she mixes are stunning and has great shine. She is my go to for a glitter supplier. Not only does she have amazing glitter but she’s also has super helpful tutorials on YouTube!

Melissa R.

I absolutely love the glitters, but most of all, I love Sandy, her tutorials, vlogs, and her just being her. Her inspiration and personality is the BEST!!!!

Joniann Bencivenga

The quality and colors of SOC glitters are amazing. Looking forward to adding the fine glitters to my collection.

Jeanne Creates Studio

I started watching Sandy on YouTube as a newbie and I kind of grew right along with her tutorials. You couldn't watch a nicer and kind person as you are learning the ropes. And her glitter!!! I'm obsessed. Did I mention her glitter?!

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